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Our Parish is made up of two church communities that welcome the possibility for change even as we celebrate our past.

Our Parish of Vaudreuil includes two beautiful, historic stone churches, St. James’ and St. Mary’s, located about five kilometres apart and both established almost 150 years ago. Both are situated on beautiful grounds within Hudson, with landscaped adjacent cemeteries. The integration of these two churches within the community is an important part of who we are as a Parish.

We are blessed with a strongly ecumenical perspective within the community insofar as there is an active community Clericus, and many opportunities to work together as Christians across the community.

Altogether, our Parish is active, very engaged with the wider community, and has a strong spirit of volunteerism and neighbourly concern. Worship provides the focus for our coming together; but a sense of shared commitment to community supports the spiritual lives and social networks that are so important to us all.

You are welcome to join us at any one of our services.