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The Diocese of Montreal has an e-newsletter where all the happening events across the Diocese can be found.  You can view it online at the website for the Diocese of Montreal, or you can print it out for easy reference.

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2018 Bishop’s Confirmation Day (BCD) – Feb.24, 2018

Were you confirmed in the last 5 years?  The Bishop would love it if you would attend the first Bishop’s Confirmation Day on February 24th, 2018.

You need to register by emailing Lee Ann Matthews if you plan to attend.  It will be held downtown Montreal at the Diocesan Church Offices at 1444 Union Ave, Montreal, just behind the Anglican Cathedral/Place Cathédral at Ste-Catharine and Union.

Look at the schedule of events planned for the day.  It really does look like a good day, and will be a great place to connect with others who have recently taken the same step in Confirmation as you.

More information…  If you have any questions, please contact the Rev. Sophie Rolland, and she will be happy to explain anything you need to know.


Advent Challenge

Check out the Diocesan website for details.  It has to do with intentional acts of kindness.  See how you can participate.  It’s a personal challenge, but one you might want to share as well.


Resource for Grieving Children

Do you know any family that could use help for their grieving children?  Camp Erin is such a place and costs are minimal.  A wonderful resource for children who are grieving. From the Council on Palliative Care.

Download documents:  PosterEnglish information letterFrancais information letter

Meeting Jesus at the Border – October 14, 2017

The following is an excerpt from a letter by The Rev. Canon Jeffrey Metcalfe from the Diocese of Quebec:

“…we are leading a pilgrimage to the border hosted by our two dioceses in solidarity with those forced to make irregular crossings. Entitled “Meeting Jesus at the Border.

Poster for download.

The Montreal Diocesan Theological College announces the appointment of a new principal, the Rev. Dr. Jesse Zink.  Dr. Zink was born in Vancouver, raised and educated in the United States; and attended Acadia University, the University of Chicago, Yale Divinity School, and the University of Cambridge.  He has worked in Cambridge for several years as the Director of the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide.

Read more in the press releases, English and French

Quebec City Mosque Shooting, Diocesan Response

Letter from Bishop Mary (Montreal) and Bishop Bruce (Quebec) concerning the recent shooting in Quebec City, QC.  Download and read the letter here.