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PWRDF Water Walk!

Please plan to join us for awareness raising, exercise and fun at the H2O (Hands to Others)

Why: to raise awareness of the need for clean water in Pikangikum & other first nations communities and to encourage donations, through PWRDF, to help provide necessary clean water.

When: Saturday, September 30th from 10am to 1pm. There we be a brief initial send-off at 10:00am, but feel free to  begin walking anytime between 10am and 11am depending on your pace. You may also join the Walk at any spot along the way.

Where: Start walking from either St Lawrence Church, 75th Ave LaSalle or the intersection of Crawford and LaSalle Blvd (see maps attached)

Distance to walk: from St Lawrence – 3.4km and from Crawford – 3km  Download MAPDownload MAP2

Parking: St Lawrence Church LaSalle parking lot or plenty of street parking along the route and at Crawford and LaSalle Blvd

End point: On the grass by the river near the intersection of Bishop Power and LaSalle Blvd in LaSalle

At the end point (Bishop Power and LaSalle Blvd)

A lovely water-side venue; Water station to quench your thirst; Fruit for refreshment; Awning for shelter; Toilets; Box for donations; Bus to take you back to your car

Closing ceremony at noon with participation from First Nations community.

We would love to see a group from your parish! A sign-up sheet is attached!

Meeting Jesus at the Border – Download Poster

The following is an excerpt from a letter by The Rev. Canon Jeffrey Metcalfe from the Diocese of Quebec, in which he explains the 3-part process of the pilgrimage:

“…we are leading a pilgrimage to the border hosted by our two dioceses in solidarity with those forced to make irregular crossings. Entitled “Meeting Jesus at the Border,” this pilgrimage will be taking place in three separate stages:

  1. In the first stage (towards the end of September, beginning of October), separate regional theological study groups will be organized for those interested in participating. We will read the Canadian theologian and refugee activist, Dr. Mary Jo Leddy’s most recent book, The Other Face of God: When Strangers Call us Home—a book whose accessibility and spiritually rich content is very well suited to our context. We have envisioned these study groups to meet only once before October 14th, to be informal, self-directed, and we have developed a liturgical reflective resource to help facilitate them. You may wish to use it as the basis for facilitating a study group in your parish, NGO, CEGEP, or university context. The facilitation guide has been designed so that the group facilitators and participants will be able to engage the material with little previous study or preparation.
  2. In the second stage, those who are willing and able will meet on October 14th, at 2pm in the Eastern Townships, near the border crossing at Hemingford (the exact location is to be announced). There Bishop Mary and Bishop Bruce will be presiding over the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, where we will pray for the border crossers, the civil servants and NGO workers who are welcoming them, as well as our neighbors who have responded to these crossing with hatred and fear. Dr. Mary Jo Leddy will also be joining us as the preacher.

I want to stress that this act is not a protest. We are not gathering in opposition to those who fear the migrants who are crossing our borders. Rather, we are gathering to be united to Christ in the Holy Eucharist, and thereby, to express our solidarity to “the least of these” with whom Christ identifies himself. We will meet and we will pray that God’s love may be increased in us and amongst us.

  1. Finally, in the third stage (after October 14th), the regional small groups will once again meet to share and perhaps document any insights that arose during their participation, and to reflect on their experience in the light of their own local contexts, pondering “how then shall we live.”

More information will be shared next week.  Poster for download.


Engage Difference! Deepening Understanding for Intercultural Ministry (DUIM) is a 5 day interactive and engaging program with practical ideas for implementation in your own context. DUIM is for ministry leaders and community members nurturing cultural relevance, understanding, and awareness in their communities. Registration is open to anyone who is interested, or through Canadian Churches Forum partners. More info…

McGill Council on Palliative Care offers two workshops this week and next, Wed., April 26th and Wed., May 3rd.  For more information, download the pdf here.

The Montreal Diocesan Theological College announces the appointment of a new principal, the Rev. Dr. Jesse Zink.  Dr. Zink was born in Vancouver, raised and educated in the United States; and attended Acadia University, the University of Chicago, Yale Divinity School, and the University of Cambridge.  He has worked in Cambridge for several years as the Director of the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide.

Read more in the press releases, English and French

West Island Women’s Retreat

Would you consider going on a retreat weekend? Consider the West Island Women’s Retreat to be held on the weekend of April 28-30, 2017.  This silent retreat will be held at:
Ermitage Sainte-Croix
21,269 Gouin boul ouest
Pierrefonds, QC H9K 1C1

Registration Form

This year, we can accept a maximum of 34 participants because some of the rooms will be used by individuals also on retreat. Therefore, please register as soon as possible – and feel free to forward this to someone you think might benefit from a weekend of quiet relaxation and contemplation.

Look for our ad in the bi-weekly Anglican diocesan newsletter and the March edition of the Anglican Journal.

For any reason, please don’t hesitate to communicate with any of the committee whose contact info is on the bottom of the info sheet.  We look forward to seeing you in April!

Every blessing,

Liz Glasgow – Email

Please let Patricia Halford know if you are going as we could arrange car pools.  There are bursaries available.  Please contact Patricia.

Building Community – April 29th

Brochure to download

Registration Form to download

NB. Please speak to the Rev. Sophie Rolland if you are interested in attending.

As a church, we are concerned with our relationships with those in the community.

How do we foster trusting relationships?

How do we become a part of their culture?

How can we use social media effectively?

At our upcoming Building Community Relations Day, we will have community leaders facilitate presentations, provide resources and encourage discussion regarding the following topics:

Connecting with the community

Using media relations appropriately

Faiths without borders

Please join us.

Hi everyone,

Please see information on the upcoming Building Community Relations Education Day happening on Saturday, April 29th. All clergy are expected to attend (with two parishioners of their choosing, if at all possible).

For more information please see Bill Gray’s article in the March issue of the Anglican, page 2.  http://www.montreal.anglican.ca/anglican-montreal

If you have any questions and for registration, please contact Doreen Haddad at ac.na1506112410cilgn1506112410a.lae1506112410rtnom1506112410@dadd1506112410ahd1506112410


Quebec City Mosque Shooting, Diocesan Response

Letter from Bishop Mary (Montreal) and Bishop Bruce (Quebec) concerning the recent shooting in Quebec City, QC.  Download and read the letter here.