Messy Church / Together Ensemble!

Third Saturday of the Month!
Children and Families Welcome


Children in the Parish, and their family and friends, are welcome to join the children’s program on the third Saturday each month at St. James’ Hall.

Children are involved in many aspects of Church life. This program is designed to give children a hands-on approach to spirituality and to see God’s hand in creation.

Children gather with parents and friends from 4 – 6 pm (1600 – 1800 h) at St. James’ Church.  The program will consist of Bible story teaching, music, and activities much like the Summer Day Camp.

Updates on the current program can be seen under Our Parish News > Messy Church/Together Ensemble.

Children also come to many of church events and activities and often help at them where age appropriate.

Updates will be posted to the Join Us page where you can also RSVP if you’re coming!  If you have any questions, please contact the Parish Office at 450-458-5897.

St. Mary's children's banner of the story of Noah's ark

St. Mary’s Naoh’s ark banner


Butterflies transformed from caterpillars – symbols of hope

poster of St. Nickcross with butterflies