Pastoral Care

Flowers - YellowPASTORAL CARE takes place within the family of the parish.  The priest and members of the Pastoral Care group pray for, visit and help those in particular need.  They also seek to acknowledge special events in the community as well (such as a baptism, for example, or a marriage or special anniversary). If anyone has a ministry in this area and would like to share it with the group, new members are welcome.  For further information, please contact the Parish Office at 450-458-5897.

Please support the pastoral team by informing us whenever one of our parishioners is hospitalized, or seriously ill. We also need a list of those who are willing to occasionally make “comfort food” for them. Please notify the Parish Office. Bless you.

Elder Care

The Pastoral Committee maintains a list of shut-ins and elderly needing assistance.

Visits for sacraments may be arranged by contacting the Priest through the Parish Office.

The Parish of Vaudreuil also supports the local NOVA Hudson organization and Vaudreuil-Soulanges Palliative Care Residence / La Maison de soins palliatifs de Vaudreuil-Soulanges which provide care for seniors.

Counselling and Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is a recommended form of spiritual growth facilitated by regular meetings with a mature Christian person who understands and has training in how to guide you through your spiritual journey.

If you seek counselling or spiritual direction and would like advice, please feel free to contact the Parish Office at 450-458-5897 and you will be referred to the Parish Priest.