Donate Now!

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There are several reasons why you might consider donating to the Parish of Vaudreuil:

1. Tithing a portion of your income to support the work of the Christian church in your area.

2. St. James’ and St. Mary’s are both historic churches in your community and are worthy of your financial support.

3. Your donation reaches further to support overseas mission and relief work by giving  “through” the church.

4. If you use the facilities of the church, a donation over and above the rental fee would be appreciated and honoured.

Donations may be made by parishioners and Sunday visitors by cash, cheque, or offering envelope placed on the offering plate during church services. Donations may be made at any time by contacting the Parish Office.

Regular donations by monthly automatic withdrawal payments are encouraged for regular members of the Parish to allow the Parish to budget for operating expenses which include donations to mission and outreach. PAR forms are attached in downloadable pdf format, and may be submitted to the Envelope Secretary to arrange monthly payments.

NB. Please note that although the PAR system is administered by the United Church of Canada, as stated on the forms, your donations are received and controlled by your Anglican Parish to which they are donated.

Thank you to all of you who make regular donations.  Your donation helps us support the local community and global initiatives of our Parish. You and our church community are blessed by your generosity!

NB. If you are already enrolled in the PAR system, and you need to raise or lower an existing donation amount, please download and print the PAR Authorization form.  Fill in the top half only with the new amount and your signature, and submit to the Envelope Secretary.  There is no need in this case for a void cheque.  Changes can be made on the 20th of the month requested, if the change submission is received 15 days prior.